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Welcome to SNU Population Research Center

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Our research team at Seoul National University, one of the leading academic institutions in South Korea, is conducting an interdisciplinary research project regarding population dynamics and sharing research results globally. 

Our ultimate goal is to centralize the team’s position as an Asian hub for disseminating innovative research to a wider global audience and provide guidelines for social policy pertaining to the issue of dynamic population change.

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Project Manager,
Bong-joo Lee


Our project manager, Bong Joo Lee is a Professor of Social Welfare at Seoul National University. He earned his Ph.D. from the School of Social Service Administration at University of Chicago.

Before joining the faculty of SNU, he taught at Boston University School of Social Work and University of Chicago. His research focuses on child indicators, child poverty, child welfare, and social service reform issues. Dr. Lee led many development projects of innovative social welfare service programs in Korea. One of the projects is ‘We Start’ model, which is a targeted early human capital investment neighborhood program to combat intergenerational transmission of poverty and inequality in Korea.

He is Editor-in-Chief of Child Indicators Research, an international journal on child indicators. He is also on the editorial boards of Child Abuse & Neglect, Asian Social Work and Policy Review, Journal of Asian Pacific Social Work and Development, and International Journal of Social Welfare. He has published many books and papers in domestic and international peer-reviewed journals.