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Population Research Center
SNU 10-10 Project

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Our Mission

Increased demand for policy alternatives in response to rapid demographic change in Korea, as well as its unique historical and geopolitical position that connects Asian and Western countries present opportunities for producing high-quality policy-oriented research and engaging in vibrant conversations within the global community.

Our Vision

Rigorous academic reputation, diverse global partnerships, and a long tradition of cutting-edge research demonstrate the team’s competency to address emerging issues on population dynamics.  The interdisciplinary synergy generated between the Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Sociology is optimal for dealing with complex and interrelated social issues.

  In the post-industrial society, the ‘second demographic transition’, which is represented by low fertility rates and population aging, is a common phenomenon. Korea is expected to be an extremely aged society since the fertility rate is rapidly decreasing to the point where it is hard to find comparable international data.

  We are currently experiencing drastic social changes within a short period of time due to the changes in our population.  Foreseeing and managing social risks associated with demographic transitions, such as a declining economically active population, increasing need for care services, and  diversifying consumption patterns, are important tasks to address not just in Korea but in many other aging countries. Especially for Asian countries with large populations, such as China, India and Vietnam, anticipating such potential demographic and social changes is significant. Implementing sustainable policies based on strong social norms associated with married, heterosexual families is essential. 

  The Department of Social Welfare and the Department of Sociology at Seoul National University are expected to perform outstanding research by taking advantage of the historical experiences Korean society has undergone in relation to radical demographic transitions. We will contribute to leading the global civil society by committing to academic advancement and providing specialized guidelines for domestic and international policy development. 

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