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Doing Business Alone as a Woman - Gendered Strategies for Preventing Crime... (in Korean)

Doing Business Alone as a Woman - Gendered Strategies for Preventing Crime "Opportunities" and their Effectiveness -


The purpose of this study is to understand the meaning of crime opportunities for women who run a business alone to, through their strategies to prevent crime victimization and to analyze the crime prevention effect of them. First, women used strategies such as not opening until late or picking a guest, reducing sexual attractiveness, utilizing male acquaintances as guardians, which is performed in the gender system. It means that the women’s understanding of crime opportunities is gendered in a way that doing businesses alone involves risks of being sexualized, absence of male guardianship, incapabilities of coping with injustice as women. Second, I analyzed the vulnerability factors of eating without paying, affairs disturbance, and sexual violence victimization by measuring the opportunities based on women's experience. The result shows that exposure or protection did not work. But to sell alcohol caused crime victimization only for women. It means that motivated offenders regarded it as attractiveness which made sexual control possible for them.


commercial victimization, self-employed woman, strategies for the crime prevention, opportunity, gender

Journal of Korean Women's Studies 34(1), 2018.3, 67-104

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