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Economic Activities in Digital Platforms - Types, Natures, Risks, Policy Suggestions - (in Korean)

Kim, Suyoung ] Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University

Kang, Myungjoo ] Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University

Ha, Eunsol ] Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University


The development of ICT has led to changes in the pattern and the meaning of work and requires restructuring of the existing social security system, which was established chiefly for the wage workers in the industrial economy. However, while economic activities within the digital platform markets are different from industrial labour, there is still a lack of discussion on what social problems platform workers can face and how to cope with them. As a comprehensive sketch of economic activities in platform economy, this study identifies the types of platform workers and analyses three characteristics of their economic activities ― flexibility, virtuality, and connectivity. It then examines what social risks can be derived form the three characteristics. This research lastly suggests alternative social safety nets and policies to alleviates the social risks and problems that platform workers may face in the digital society.

Key words: Platform Economy, Creator, Sharing Economy Provider, Mobile App Worker

Korea Social Policy Review 25(4), 2018.12, 199-231

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