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Preliminary Study on a Social-Enterprise-centered Model of Welfare Technology Ecosystem

Ahn, Sang-Hoon | Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University

Kim, Soo-Wan | Division of Social Welfare, Kangnam University

Park, Jong-Yeon | Department of Social Welfare, Seoul National University

The purpose of this study is to suggest a ‘social-enterprise-centered ecosystem model of welfare technology.’ The discussion on the model is based on the three dimensions - a review on Korean social enterprises technological innovation capabilities, a study on the meaning of welfare technology in social policy, and an examination on the possibility of linking welfare technology and social enterprise. To improve the sustainability of the social enterprise, it is necessary for a social enterprise to develop innovative capabilities base on

technology. However, many social enterprises have limitations of associated workforce, skills, funding, and support of related institutions. The technological innovation of social enterprises could be driven by welfare technology which is applied to the provision of social services. Welfare technology can suggest new business opportunities accompanying the expansion of social services; social enterprises can enable the industrialization of welfare technologies. It is needed to build the new ecosystem model by public-private partnership with the platform which connects consumers and providers, financial capital and knowledge capital. It will contribute sustainable development and concomitant growth of both social enterprises and welfare technology by connecting social impact and economic profit.

Key Words : social enterprise, welfare technology, ecosystem, model

Social Enterprise Studies 10(2), 2018.1, 167-195

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